The day to day experience of learning at our campus is covered in the Students area. Parents and Carers should find all the additional information they need here. If there is anything you cannot find, please give us a call and we will be happy to help.

If you would rather come and speak to us in person, we would be delighted to show you around.


There is a clear link between attendance and achievement. We will always ask that you support us in ensuring your son/daughter has the best possible chances of success. Illness must be reported via reception on the morning of the first day, with a follow up letter upon return to the UTC. Any medical and dental appointments should be brought to the attention of the mentor in advance. Holidays are not permitted during term time. Your son/daughter's mentor will contact you if there are concerns with attendance and/or punctuality.

Dress code

In keeping with our employer-led curriculum, the dress code has been chosen to represent a business-like environment. You can see the full dress code in the 'Student' area. Students wear suits which can be purchased from a supplier of your choice. All protective clothing for use in the workshops (polo shirts, boots, goggles) can be purchased via the UTC.

Engineering uniform provided at CBUTC


Students are allocated to a mentor and mentor group, who they register with twice a day. The mentor is the essential point of contact between home and UTC and will be the member of staff a parent or carer most communicates with. Mentors support students with their pastoral needs while at the UTC, such as helping them manage their attendance, punctuality and organisation. They will liaise with subject staff and support staff where necessary and will keep you informed of your son/daughter's learning and progression. Every mentor group is part of a 'Learning Area' looked after by a Learning Area Manager. The Learning Area Manager oversees the care of all the students in their mentor groups and is the next point of contact should you have any concerns.

Staff at CBUTC

Consultation events

You will have the opportunity to meet with your son/daughter's mentor in September, when students formally enrol, and in January for a progress meeting. Subject consultation events run twice a year as a minimum, however you can make an appointment to meet with a member of staff at any point in the year.


Students are provided with a locker to store their personal effects when they are in the workshops and laboratories.

Mobile phones

We accept that most students nowadays carry mobile phones and lots of parents and carers prefer their son/daughter to have one. We ask that they are turned off and not visible when students are on campus. Any emergencies can be communicated via reception and students will always be able to make a call home should they need to. Headphones and other such items are not to be worn on campus.