Personal growth

Life skills

All students will take part in a Life Skills programme which will be a timetabled lesson.

The programme is designed to support their needs as they move to a new school and deals with issues such as making new friends, preparing for examinations, careers and progression support, teen health and wellbeing and becoming part of a new community.

As the term progresses, the programme will offer support with employment, finances, apprenticeship and university applications, exam pressures and age related topics such as learning to drive and working while studying.

Employability skills

All second year students will benefit from timetabled employability lessons. These will address the search and application procedure for jobs, apprenticeships and universities, including CV workshops and dummy interviews facilitated by our employer sponsors.

SMSC (Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Learning)

Like many industries, engineering and design are global businesses spanning a range of countries, cultures and lifestyles. It is our intention to ensure all our students gain insight into different ways of working. Many of our partner employers have offices in different countries, some with very different working practices based on local cultures and traditions.

Embedded in our curriculum is the opportunity for students to develop their learning and understanding of SMSC.